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Video Audio
Title Speaker Date Length Series
The Day of Atonement November 02, 2014 39:00 The Feasts of the Lord
The Feast of Trumpets October 26, 2014 42:12 The Feasts of the Lord
The Feast of Pentecost October 19, 2014 45:23:00 The Feasts of the Lord
The Feast of First Fruits October 12, 2014 34:18 The Feasts of the Lord
Unleavened Bread October 05, 2014 38:59 The Feasts of the Lord
The Passover September 28, 2014 50:03 The Feasts of the Lord
Last Words September 21, 2014 39:10 General Topics
Guest Speaker Pastor Jeff Dove September 14, 2014 59:27 General Topics
The Workman Part II September 07, 2014 37:12 General Topics
The Workman August 31, 2014 37:52 General Topics
The Lord - My Shepherd August 24, 2014 46:15 General Topics
Order of the Shovel August 17, 2014 52:58 General Topics
Are you Saul or Paul August 10, 2014 40:30 General Topics
Fence Sitters August 03, 2014 52:44 General Topics
Guest Speaker - Larry Good July 27, 2014 46:34 General Topics
God Make Me an Instrument July 20, 2014 58:00:00 General Topics
Guest Speaker - Fred Rowe July 13, 2014 24:19 General Topics
Remind Me What the Lord Says July 06, 2014 41:28 Bragging Faith
What Have You Got? June 29, 2014 50:41:10 Bragging Faith
Born To Serve The Lord June 22, 2014 30:00:00 General Topics