Kid Connection

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Children's Leadership

Co-Director - Mary Deringer
Co-Director - Amber LaPointe

Our Teachers

The children's department includes about 30 teachers. We are blessed with very talented and experienced teachers. Several of our teachers are highly educated and teach during the week in local schools and day cares. We even have a special needs professional. Each teacher is required to have a background check on file before they can teach.  The teachers are on a monthly rotation which allows them to participate in most of the services. Each classroom has at least one adult teacher and one teen helper. Some classes will have two adult teachers. We would love to have two adult teachers in each classroom every Sunday but are in need of more teachers to rotate.

If you are interested in teaching Sunday School please contact the church office at (419) 738-3112 during business hours.

Check-In Security

The Check-In Table is located in the back left of the Main Sanctuary. For the safety of our children we require each child to receive a check-in number before taking them to their classroom. The parent and child will receive a matching number. Please give the classroom teacher your number to pick up your child. Teachers have been instructed to only allow a child to leave with an adult with the matching number. Classrooms will open at 8:30 am for first service and 10:30 for second service.

Notifications During Service

In some situations the teacher may request the parent to return to the classroom concerning your child. The notification is first prompted on the projector screen behind the pulpit. The message will say, "Parent # (your child's assigned number) please report to the classroom. If you do not see the message on the screen then an Usher or classroom helper will try to find you.

The Little Cove

Captain's Kids Nursery (0-2 years)

We provide child care for newborns to two year olds during Sunday Morning services. Nursing mothers can also use the room if needed. The service is streamed live to a television in the room so you won't miss out on the service. 

First Mates (2-3 years)

Our youngest class includes two and three year olds. This is where the learning about Jesus begins. We have lots of fun!

The Big Island

Little Explorers (Pre K - Kindergarten)

This classroom ranges from four to six year olds. We begin each week with praise and worship followed by a short biblical lesson. We have crafts, games, and snacks.

Path Finders (1st and 2nd Graders)

In Radiators, our 1st and 2nd graders learn about Jesus through activity stations. Activity stations may change but some examples include piano, legos, crafts, and video games. The lessons are easy to understand and include memorizing of scripture. 

Navigators (3rd to 6th Grade)

 The Aftershocks include 3rd to 6th graders. The students learn more about Jesus and Biblical principles that they can apply to their lives. The class usually includes praise and worship, Bible study, and recess.

Playground (Outside - Left of Building)

When the weather is good our classrooms will go outside during designated recess times. Please keep that in mind during the summer months. If you do not want your child to go outside please let the teacher know when you drop them off. The teacher will bring your child to you when the rest of the class goes outside. When they return to the classroom the teacher will come get your child to return with them. Recess usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

The play area includes slides, swings, jungle gym, and a ga-ga pit.